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Regina Gail is the name. I am a wanderer and I love coffee.

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What is it?
What is your deepest
Your quiet fears?
Your howling hurts?
Your dying hopes?
Your dangerous disappointments .
What keeps you going ?
What keeps you treading and crawling
On all fours?
Are you still weaving blindly through
the darkened roads still undiscovered in your searching soul?
Is today, or has it been lately
The dark night of your soul?
Why do you hurt my love?
Why do you bleed colors into
the sunset, crimson and terrifying .
Do you feel it’s weight blinding you
Tiring you, shackling you
Holding your happiness by its wrists ?
Only to escape the indestructible cuffs
With bottles and pills and nightly thrills ?
I am here to help shatter those chains.
My ears inhale your wounds when
You speak, when you share .
So What’s keeping you here, my love?
From flying forward , above the the mistrust of chaotic tumultuous clouds and
Past the the thundering loudness of your emptiness .
Oh how it echoed to me.
The caves of my heart
Surround you,
I heard your soul grieving,
Come closer my love .
Don’t fear me.
Don’t fear the mirror,
The reflection of light that shines
On you, exposing all your scars.
I find your scars to make you uniquely
Wonderful . Every blemish I kiss. I taste.
All those negative things you tell
yourself , I will stand there, in between
To block them from making an impact,
For now through what I write .
Do you know that I am proud of you?
Has anyone told you the way your eyes spark beautiful lightning storms when watching your favorite movie,
I end up watching you instead .
Has anyone told you the way your breathing becomes deeper, more intense , when concentrating on something your really love doing?
Like a buzzing bee collecting pollen,
You are happiest when doing what
You love most, and I notice ,
Sometimes I wish that it was me
Being inhaled and exhaled our of your mouth,
Touching your beating heart, passing through veins and red lungs,
And kissing your glorious tongue
On the way out of your muted lips .
Did you know I’ve been watching you,
And it’s taken me all of my strength
Not to try and save you, but I realize
You are growing your own muscles ,
The way you hold your tears up , like a an enormous wall being held up by strong warriors, and the weight of it is so so very heavy, (I can tell)
Its burden is getting heavier
With each passing day.
Yet , here you stand .
Knees buckling,
Bones cracking,
To keep it all in place.
You stand here and alive
In this very moment,
Alive and breathing,
Trying to make sense of it all.
Trying to cope the only way you know how. Quieting yourself like a newborn
Babe. Doing what it takes
To keep up the dam from breaking.
Here you are abounding in pain unspoken ,
Like a soldier .
Like a true soldier .
I have a secret to tell you..
I am standing here before you,
I am standing here with you ,
I am giving you
My hands, my arms and my soul,
And With them
We will part the Earths’ crust
So that your tears will have somewhere
To land, to permeate, to swim,
And it will flood me and over me,
And I will be your ocean,
That which my dry planet was needing.
Together , we are beautiful my love .
Oceans cannot drown our perfect cohesion .
We form the Earth’s crust and all of it’s rivers ,
together our souls
find harmony.
Together we flow ,
Together we are free .

You are my love
And I will be what
you need.

Even if only for now,
If that’s what you need.

Even if just
For this small
Moment in time.


Poems by Darlene (braveheartswhisper)
“Gushing Life” (via braveheartswhisper)


You have this kind of pull, like gravity.
I’m so lucky that I fell into your orbit.